1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL Service Manual & Body Repair Manual

Download 1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL Service Manual & Body Repair Manual


The Acura 3.5RL (RL stands for Refine Luxury) was an executive car built in Saitama Japan and also called as Honda Legend. It internally known and KA9 and is powered by 3.5L V6/C35A1 SOHC Sequential Multiport Fuel Injected engine and uses M5DA 4 speed automatic transmission. The Acura RL was intended to replace its predecessor, the Acura Legend.

This zipped material consists 2 manual, a Acura 3.5RL Service Manual and Acura 3.5RL Collision/Body Repair Manual, specially for Model Year 1996-2004 (first generation of Acura 3.5RL).

Service Manual Table of Contents:

General Information [ Chassis and Paint Codes for ’96 Models; ’97 Models; ’98 Models; ’99 Models; ’00 Models; ’01 Models; ’02 Models; ’03 Models & ’04 Models Revised Component Terms Parts Marking (’03-’04 Models) Identification Number Locations Warning/Caution Label Locations Under-hood Emissions Control Label Lift and Support Points Towing Service Precautions ]
Specifications [ Standards and Service Limits Engine Electrical Cylinder Head/Valve Train Engine Block Engine Lubrication Cooling Fuel and Emissions Automatic Transmission Differential Steering Suspension Brakes Air Conditioning Design Specifications Body Specifications ]
Maintenance [ Lubrication Points Maintenance Schedule Normal Conditions Severe Conditions ]
Engine Electrical [ Special Tools Starting System Starter Test Starter Starter Solenoid Test Field Winding Test Armature Inspection and Test Starter Brush Holder Test Starter Brush Inspection Planetary Gear Inspection Overrunning Clutch Inspection Overrunning Clutch Removal Starter Reassembly Performance Test Ignition System Ignition Timing Inspection Idle Speed Check Noise Condenser Capacity Test Ignition Control Module Input Test Ignition Coil Spark Plug Inspection Charging System Alternator Cruise Control Control Unit Input Test Set/Resume/Cancel Switch Test/ Main Switch Test Brake Pedal Position Switch Test Actuator Solenoid Test Actuator Test Actuator Cable ]
Engine [ Engine Removal/Installation Cylinder Head/Valve Train Engine Block Engine Lubrication Intake Manifold/Exhaust System Cooling ]
Cooling [ Radiator Replacement Engine Coolant Refilling and Bleeding Cap Testing Testing Thermostat Replacement Testing Water Pump Fan Control Fan Control Module Terminals Fan Motor Testing Radiator Fan Control Sensor Testing Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Gauge (’96-’02 models) Gauge Testing Sending Unit Testing ]
Fuel and Emissions [ Special Tools System Description Vacuum Connections Electrical Connections System Connectors Engine Compartment Dash and Floor Procedures Symptom Chart Probable Cause Chart PCM Terminal Arrangement DTC Chart How to Read Flow Charts PGM-FI System System Description How to Set Readiness Codes MIL Circuit Idle Control System System Description Air Conditioning Signal Alternator FR Signal Starter Switch Signal PSP Switch Signal Brake Pedal Position Switch Signal Idle Air Control Thermal Valve Idle Speed Setting PCM Memory Setting Fuel Supply System Fuel Lines Fuel Tube/Quick-Connect Fittings System Description Fuel Pressure Fuel Injectors Fuel Pressure Regulator Fuel Pump Relay Fuel Pump Resistor Fuel Filter Fuel Pump Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Low Fuel Indicator System PGM-FI Main Relay Fuel Tank Intake Air System System Description Air Cleaner Throttle Cable Throttle Body Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) System Intake Air Bypass (IAB) Control System Emission Control System System Description Tailpipe Emission Three Way Catalytic Converter EGR System PCV System Evaporative Emission Controls Description EVAP Canister and Canister Vent Shut Valve Replacement EVAP Two Way Valve and Bypass Solenoid Valve Replacement Fuel Tank Vapor Control Valve (’00-’04 Models) Test Replacement Evaporative Emission EVAP Two Way Valve Testing ]
Transmission [ Automatic Transmission Differential Driveshafts ]
Steering [ Special Tools General Troubleshooting Noise and Vibration Fluid Leaks Steering Operation Power Assist Check Parked Power Assist Check at Road Speed Power Steering Speed Sensor Replacement Linkage and Gearbox Pump Belt Rack Guide Adjustment Fluid Replacement Pump Pressure Check Steering Wheel Steering Column Steering Lock Replacement Power Steering Hoses, Lines Fluid Leakage Inspection Power Steering Pump Power Steering Gearbox Removal Ball Joint Boot Replacement ]
Suspension [ Special Tools Wheel Alignment Caster Camber Front Toe Inspection Rear Toe Inspection/Adjustment Turning Angle Inspection Wheel/Hub Inspection Bearing End Play Wheel Runout Front Suspension Knuckle/Hub Replacement Ball Joint Boot Replacement Suspension Arms Front Damper Rear Suspension Hub Bearing Unit Replacement Suspension Arms Ball Joint Boot Replacement Rear Damper ]
Brakes [ Conventional Brake Special Tools Rubber Parts/Brake Booster Brake Pedal Parking Brake Pedal Bleeding Brake System Indicator Front Brake Pads Front Brake Disc Disc Runout Inspection Disc Thickness and Parallelism Inspection Front Brake Caliper Disassembly/Reassembly Master Cylinder/Brake Booster Removal/Installation Master Cylinder Pushrod Clearance Adjustment Brake Booster Inspection Rear Brake Pads Rear Brake Disc Disc Runout Inspection Disc Thickness and Parallelism Rear Brake Caliper Disassembly/Reassembly Parking Brake Parking Brake Shoes Replacement Lining Surface Break-in Brake Hoses/Lines Inspection/Torque Specifications Hose Replacement Parking Brake Cable Inspection and Replacement ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) (’96-97 models) Special Tools ABS Control Unit Terminal Arrangement Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) DTC Indication Symptom-to-System Chart ABS Function Test Modulator Unit Relieving System Pressure High Pressure Brake Fluid Replacement/Bleeding Modulator Function Check Wire Harness Replacement Pump Motor Replacement Reservoir Replacement Accumulator Replacement and Disposal ABS Control Unit Pulsers/Wheel Sensors ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) (’98-99 models) ]
Anti-lock Brake System [ Features/Construction ABS Control Unit Terminal Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) DTC Indication DTC Erasure Modulator Unit ABS Control Unit Pulsers/Wheel Sensors Inspection Wheel Sensor Replacement TCS (Traction Control System) (’96-99 models) System Description Outline Construction and Function TCS Control Unit Terminal Arrangement Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Indication DTC Erasure Troubleshooting Index Steering Angle Sensor Replacement System Check TCS Control Valve Assembly Replacement TCS Switch Test TCS Control Unit Replacement VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist System) (’00-’04 Models) Special Tools VSA Control Unit Terminal Arrangement VSA Converter Unit Terminal Arrangement Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Indication DTC Clearing DTC Chart Steering Angle Sensor Neutral Position Check and Memorizing VSA Modulator-Control Unit Removal/Installation Precharge Pump Motor Removal/Installation Precharge Brake Line Bleeding TCS Control Valve Assembly Replacement VSA Off Switch Test VSA Converter Unit Removal/Installation Yaw Rate/Lateral Acceleration Sensor Removal/Installation Pulsers/Wheel Sensors Wheel Sensor ]
Body [ Doors (Front) Door Panel Removal Outer Handle/Latch Removal Glass/Regulator Removal Sash Trim Removal Inner Sash Trim Removal Glass Adjustment Position Adjustment Striker Adjustment Doors (Rear) Door Panel Removal Outer Handle/Latch Removal Glass/Regulator Removal Sash Trim Removal Inner Sash Trim Removal Glass Adjustment Position Adjustment Striker Adjustment Mirrors Power Mirror Removal Mirror Holder Removal Rearview Mirror Removal Windshield/Rear Window Windshield Rear Window Moonroof Troubleshooting Glass Height Adjustment Glass, Glass Bracket, and Sunshade Removal Motor, Drain Tube and Frame Removal Guide Rails, Cable Assembly Replacement Switch Plate Adjustment (Fully Closed Position/Auto Stop Position) Opening Drag Check (Motor Removed) Closing Force Check (Motor Installed) Interior Interior Trim Removal Trunk Trim Removal Headliner Removal Carpet Console Panel/Rear Console Removal Dashboard Seats Front Seat Disassembly Driver’s Passenger’s Seat Cover Replacement Seat Linkage Disassembly Wire Harness Installation Power Lumbar Support (’04 Model) Replacement Rear Seat Removal Trunk Pass-through Cover Key Cylinder Replacement Seat Cover Replacement Exterior Front Bumper Removal Rear Bumper Removal Hood Adjustment Trunk Lid Adjustment Front Grille Removal Trunk Lid Torsion Bars Trunk Lid Weatherstrip Trunk Lid Hinge Cover License Plate Trim Removal Side Window Moldings Roof Molding Removal Door and Side Moldings Removal Side Sill Panel Removal Inner Fender, Fenderwell Trim, Rear Fender Cover and Rear Air Outlet Removal Opener Cable/Opener and Latch/ Wiper and Washer Opener Cables Removal Opener and Latch Removal Windshield Wiper Arms and Linkage Removal Washer Reservoir Removal Washer Tube Replacement Wiper Arms/Washer Nozzle Emblems Installation Frame Sub-frame Frame Repair Chart ]
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) [ Special Tools Wiring/Connector Fan Control Unit A/C Pressure Switch Evaporator Pressure Regulator (EPR) Climate Control Unit Input/Output Signals Climate Control Unit Face Panel/Button Air Mix Control Motor Mode Control Motor Recirculation Control Motor In-car Temperature Sensor Outside Air Temperature Sensor Sunlight Sensor Evaporator Temperature Sensor Power Transistor Test Relays Test Evaporator/Blower Unit Dust and Pollen Filters Temperature Control A/C Service Tips and Precautions A/C System Torque Specifications A/C System Service Refrigerant Recovery Evacuation Leak Test Compressor Replacement Clutch Inspection Clutch Overhaul Relief Valve A/C Compressor Belt Adjustment Condenser ]
Body Electrical [ Relay and Control Unit Locations Engine Compartment Dashboard Door, Floor, Roof and Rear Bulkhead Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box Removal/Installation Power Relays Test Electrical Switch Battery Test Gauge Assembly Gauge/Terminal Location Index Bulb Locations Maintenance Reminder Light Select/Reset Switch Test Outside Air Temperature Indicator Troubleshooting Calibration Replacement Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Safety Indicator Indicator Input Test Brake Light Failure Sensor Test Lighting System Automatic Lighting Control Unit Input Test (USA) Daytime Running Lights Control Unit Input Test (Canada) Combination Light Switch Test Replacement HID Lamp System Troubleshooting Headlights HID Bulb Removal Taillights Fog lights Switch Test . License Plate Light High Mount Brake Light Turn Signal/Hazard Flasher System Turn Signal/Hazard Relay Input Test Hazard Warning Switch Test Interior Lights Trunk Light Test Glove Box Light Test Vanity Mirrror Light Test Clock Stereo Sound System Stereo Amplifier Terminals (with Bose Sound System) Audio Unit Terminals CD Changer Removal Stereo Amplifier Removal Speaker Replacement Radio Remote Switch Test Window Antenna Wire Test/Repair XM Radio (’04 Model) Receiver Terminals Antenna Terminals Accessory Power Socket Cigarette Lighter Horns Horn Test Switch Test Seat Belt Tension Reducer Moonroof Control Unit Input Test Motor Test Switch Test Seat Heaters System Description Switch Test/Replacement Heater Test Automatic Inside Dimming Mirror Front Passenger’s Power Seat Switch Test/Replacement Motor Test Immobilizer System Control Unit Input Test Immobilizer Receiver and Transponder Test Immobilizer Receiver Driving Position Memory System (DPMS) DTC Chart Troubleshooting Guide Pre-troubleshooting Tests Driving Position Memory Steering Column Tilt/Extend-retract Motor Test Tilt/Extend-retract Position Sensor Test Driver’s Power Seat Switch Driver’s Power Seat Motor Driver’s Power Seat Position Steering Column Control Unit Power Seat Control Unit Power Mirror Control Unit Multiplex Control System System Description System Functions Multiplex Communication System Troubleshooting Guide Power and Ground Test Self Diagnosis Function (Mode 1) Wake-up Function Test Confirming the Function Faulty Wake-up Line Symptoms Check the Wake-up Function Self Diagnosis Function (Mode 2) Integrated Control Ignition Key Light ]
Restraints [ Seat Belts Front Seat Belt Removal/Installation Rear Seat Belt Removal/Installation Seat Belt Inspection Child Seat Tether Anchor Installation Child Seat Tether Anchor Removal/Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Special Tools Component/Wiring Location Index Description SRS Airbag System Precautions/Procedures General Precautions Airbag Handling and Storage Seat Belt Tensioner Handling and Storage SRS Unit (’96-04 models) and Side Impact Sensor (’99-04 models) Inspection After Deployment Disconnecting the SRS Connector at the Fuse Box (’96-98 models) Wiring Precautions Spring-loaded Lock Connectors Spring-loaded Lock Connectors with Built-in Short Contact Seats with Side Airbags Backprobing Spring-loaded Lock Connectors Disconnecting the Airbag Connectors and Seat Belt Tensioner Connectors (’96-98 models) Disconnecting the Airbag Connectors, Side Airbag Connectors, and Seat Belt Tensioner Connectors Steering-related Troubleshooting Self-diagnostic Procedures Reading the DTC Erasing the DTC Memory Troubleshooting Intermittent Failures Initializing the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) Unit SRS Indicator Light Wire Connections Fuse Box and Connector Locations Airbag Replacement Side Airbag Replacement Seat Belt Tensioner Replacement Airbag and Seat Belt Tensioner Disposal Cable Reel Replacement SRS Unit Replacement Side Impact Sensor ]
Body Repair Manual Table of Contents:

Preparation of Work [ Description Checkpoints Correction of the Damaged Area Measurement (Excluding small damage) Positioning Jigs ]
Welding Methods / Repair Tools [ Spot Welding Gas Welding Carbon Dioxide Arc Welder (MIG Arc Weld) Examples of Repair Tools ]
General Information [ Zinc-plated Steel Plate Repair Door and Bumper Reinforcement ]
Replacement [ Construction Exterior Body Parts Front Bulkhead Mass Production Body Front Wheelhouse/Damper Housing Mass Production Body Front Side Frame Front Side Extension Front Pillar (Outer Panel) Welding Diagram Side Sill (Outer Panel) Roof Panel Rear Side Outer Panel Rear Panel Rear Floor/Rear Floor Cross-member Honeycomb Floors ]
Cross Section of Body and Sealants [ Engine Compartment/Front Wheelhouse Front Pillar Iner Panel and Dashboard Lower Front Floor and Rear Floor Roof Panel and Outer Panel/Outer Panel and Rear Panel Under Floor/Frame Hood, Door, Trunk Lid ]
Body Dimensional Drawings [ Upper Body Measuring Dimensions Under Body Measuring Dimensions Opening Repair Chart Frame Repair Chart ]
Rust-preventive Treatments [ General Diagram Area to be Covered by Anti-rust Agents Undercoating Diagram ]
Body Paint Repair [ Color Chart Painting Specifications Paint Intermediate Coat Colors Paint Refinishing Defects and Refinishing Processes Refinishing Processes Refinishing Procedures NH-585P (Cayman White Pearl) Paint Color Matching Soft Chipping Guard Primer Coat General Coating Diagram Types of Soft Chipping Guard Primer (Reference) Repair Material and Tools Coating Procedures ]
Resin Parts Paint Repair (Exterior) [ Types and Materials of Exterior Resin Parts Polypropylene (PP) Resin Parts ABS/PC Resin Parts ]
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